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001: Welcome to Changing Lives Selling Knives: Your Host’s 3 Favorite Lessons

WHAT THE PODCAST IS ALL ABOUT There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are positively impacting the world through lessons they first learned from a unique sales job with Cutco Cutlery and Vector Marketing.   Vector recruits tens of thousands of people every year for the opportunity to sell Cutco, the vast majority of these being college students.  For those who stick with the company for at least a Summer, the experience can be truly transformational. The list of skills to be gained includes: Communication and influence Goal-setting and planning Time-management and self-discipline Overcoming adversity and mental…
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Jon Vroman

012: Living Life in the Front Row with Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman is an award-winning National speaker, and author of an amazing book, “The Front Row Factor.” He founded the Front Row Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps people with life-threatening illnesses experience the event of their dreams from the front row. His experiences in leading that organization have led him to develop a clear understanding of how to “live life in the Front Row,” and he explains the facets of that in this interview. More recently, Jon is the Founder of Front Row Dads, a group of entrepreneurial men from all over North America, who collaborate around the goal of being better fathers, husbands, and men of influence in their communities. Jon is well-known as one of the all-time most respected and admired Cutco/Vector alums.

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scott dennis

011: Becoming An Engineer of People with Scott Dennis

Scott Dennis is the Eastern Region Manager for Cutco / Vector Marketing. Scott has been one of the most prolific achievers in the company throughout his 29-year career. While attending the University of Notre Dame, he was one of the top college-student sales reps in the company. He was National Champion Branch Manager, set all-time records as a District Manager, and advanced to Division Manager, then Region Executive. He’s married with 3 kids, and a fourth on the way. Scott has been an amazing example of all-around excellence, both professionally and personally. His episode here is FILLED with valuable nuggets for people either in or out of the Cutco business.

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Adam Stock

010: Insights For Financial Success with Adam Stock

Adam Stock runs several businesses which touch many different aspects of personal finance. He’s the Founder and President of The Next Level Planning Group, one of the top revenue-producing wealth managers in the U.S. He’s also the Founder of Rising Stock, a profitability coaching program, and, a bookkeeping service. Adam worked in Cutco/Vector Marketing for about 6 years while in college and after graduating from Carleton College in Minnesota. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and 5 kids. Through his guidance, Adam has been able to impact thousands of entrepreneurs and business people on their road to financial independence.

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Mike Muriel Cutco

009: The Sign You Need To Leverage Your True Potential with Mike Muriel

Mike Muriel is the Central Region Manager for Cutco/Vector Marketing, responsible for an organization encompassing parts of 16 states. A 27-year veteran with the company, Mike is a multiple time National champion, member of the Cutco/Vector Hall of Fame, and has inspired the entire company through his strong, driven leadership. Mike graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts, and lives near Chicago with his wife and 2 boys.

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John Ruhlin

008: How A Goat-Milking Farm Boy Became A World Leader In the Gifting Industry with John Ruhlin

John Ruhlin is the #1 sales rep in the 70-year history of Cutco, with over $8.5 million in personal sales. He pioneered the idea of leveraging Cutco as a high-class gift for clients and employees and has since developed that idea in the creation of the largest business gifting company in North America, the Giftology Group. His clients include major corporations across North America and at least 25 major pro sports franchises, who leverage John’s ideas to increase client retention. John’s best-selling book, Giftology, is bringing his concept of “radical generosity” to readers all over the world.

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Earl Kelly

007: How A Father’s Words Inspired Growth And Excellence with Earl Kelly

Earl Kelly is the Northeast Region Manager for the Cutco/Vector Marketing organization. A 30-year veteran with the company, he has served in an Executive leadership role in three different Regions, and is a member of the company’s Hall of Fame. Earl graduated from the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, and is married with three kids.

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andrew bosworth facebook

006: Attitudes vs. Outcomes – How the Right Internal Mindset Leads to Spectacular External Success

Andrew Bosworth is one of the top Executives at Facebook today. He sold Cutco for two Summers while in college at Harvard, achieving College All-American status and becoming an Assistant Manager. He joined Facebook in early 2006 and became their Director of Engineering. While in this role, Boz invented Newsfeed, Messenger, and Groups. A true member of Mark Zuckerberg’s inner circle, Boz spent several years as VP of Advertising, and now serves as VP in charge of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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Loyd Regan

005: The Compelling Story of a Champion Cutco Executive with Loyd Reagan

Loyd Reagan is the current Southwest Region Manager for the Cutco/Vector sales organization. His region has been #1 in the company the last five consecutive years. He has a compelling story of success and achievement through some unique challenges in his life. Loyd is the father of five children, three of whom have sold Cutco at this point. He is one of the most respected leaders in the entire Cutco/Vector organization.

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Hal Elrod

004: Leveraging The Miracle Equation to Succeed in Business and Life with Hal Elrod

ABOUT TODAY’S GUEST Hal Elrod is one of the leading self-help authors and speakers in America today.  As the author of The Miracle Morning book series, Hal has impacted well over a million readers around the world.  He started with Cutco/Vector in 1998 and achieved Hall of Fame status as a sales rep with the company, before moving on to his own business, coaching, writing, and speaking.  He survived a near-fatal car accident and more recently, he conquered a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. He’s accomplished all of this by utilizing what he calls “The Miracle Equation,” which…
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angie macdougall

003: A Powerful Role Model – Successful Executive, Mother of Two, Ironman Triathlete

ABOUT TODAY’S GUEST Angie Macdougall is a powerful role model, both inside and outside of the Cutco/Vector organization.  As a top-flight manager in Vector, Angie achieved Hall of Fame status in the company, while balancing the challenge of having two children.  She is also an accomplished triathlete, having completed events of the Ironman distance. She’s an all-around example of professional and personal success. (more…)
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Jon Berghoff leadership

002: From Revolutionizing Cutco Sales to Revolutionizing The Future of Leadership

ABOUT TODAY’S GUEST Jon Berghoff was the youngest person ever inducted into the Cutco/Vector Hall of Fame. He revolutionized the Cutco sales opportunity by producing results that were far beyond anything that had ever been accomplished. After 4 years as the Director of Sales with Vitamix in which he quadrupled their results, Jon began the process of starting his own company to teach methods of leadership, creating engagement, and large group facilitation to companies and clients around the world. Today, his Flourishing Leadership Institute is revolutionizing the way that leadership is taught and implemented in companies and organizations all over…
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