Those of us who are fortunate to have so much in life have a responsibility to the world to share our good fortune with others. This creates a culture and environment of everyone looking to build the greater good. It makes the world more abundant for everyone. In this short solo episode, CLSK Host Dan Casetta shares some causes that are worthy of support from this community, and recognizes some past guests who are doing good in the world.


Today’s episode is a challenge and an invitation to give back to worthy causes. 

Most people following this podcast are probably very fortunate in life, and what follows is that we have a responsibility to the world to share our good fortune with others.

Sharing with others does not mean less for us. Instead, it opens up the doors for more to pour in. Making others bigger and better makes all of us bigger and better at the same time. 

It creates a culture and environment of everyone looking to build the greater good. It makes the world more abundant for everyone, and this circles back to you and me. 

Also, it’s not only OK, but it’s probably good, to share what we are doing. Sharing what we are doing is not looking for recognition for ourselves, but it’s leading by example, it’s promoting a lifestyle of generosity to inspire others, and it’s also a gentle reminder to others of some things that they can do for others.

If you are a part of Cutco/Vector Marketing, you are exposed to a culture of giving back. Our parent company — Cutco Corporation — is extremely philanthropic, particularly in the Western NY area … through the Cutco Foundation, we have donated millions of dollars to numerous worthy causes. 

In EP #77, we described an initiative that we call Cutco Cares, which is actually more of a Vector Marketing field initiative. This has been spearheaded by J. Brad Britton, a company legend. On our company trips, we find underserved groups in the communities that we visit, and we do things to help them.  We’ve supported needy people in Italy, Czechia, Costa Rica, Munich, Grand Cayman, Paris, even Hawaii, and we have a service project in Ireland coming up. 

This becomes one of the most memorable experiences on our trips FOR THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE. It doesn’t just benefit the groups that we serve, but it also creates a greater sense of meaning in our own lives. 

And this kind of work really helps create a greater sense of understanding for everyone who takes part … understanding of the world outside of our own bubble, developing a bigger heart for others, cultivating a spirit of generosity.  Check out the Cutco Cares episode with J Brad Britton to learn more about how philanthropy can become a part of your organization’s culture. 

Cutco/Vector people are also very much involved in the support of 2 very special organizations that have been founded by our own people. 

— Front Row Foundation / Angel Wings International

FRF was started by Jon Vroman, and is a lot like Make-A-Wish, in that it provides an opportunity for people with a life-threatening illness to experience the event of their dreams, ideally in the front row. What makes this really special is the way in which they capture the day of the event for posterity. It creates a permanent memory, not just for the recipient, but also for their family, long after their loved one is gone.

Check out Episode #12 with Jon Vroman to learn about Living Life In The Front Row, or visit FrontRowFoundation.org for more info. 

Angel Wings International is a medical clinic in Haiti that was started largely by Vector people including Andy Jeanty, Cathy Christen, Carl Drew and others in the wake of the massive earthquake in Haiti in 2010. It was actually established before the quake, then broke ground and built in the years following. 

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and healthcare there is truly a crisis, especially after the earthquake. 

– 40% of people there lack access to the most basic healthcare.

– 1 in 80 women in Haiti die giving birth, and 1 in 13 children die before 5. 

AWI’s clinic is there to provide HOPE to the people. It has served over 132K patients to this day, and it’s close enough in proximity that supporters can find a time to visit the clinic, as I know many Cutco/Vector people have done. 

Check out Episode #211 to hear how Andy Jeanty is living A Life In Service Of Humanity or visit AngelWingsInternational.org to learn more. 

What I really wanted to do today is spotlight 2 additional organizations that I support, and share with you some ways that you might give back if these causes resonate with you. 

The first is called the Good Hope School in Uganda. About 20 years ago, my friend and Cutco/Vector alum Jamie Bianchini embarked upon a very special journey around the world. It was a bicycle trip, but not just on any bicycle. This was a custom tandem bike, enabling him to ride with locals everywhere he went … some for a few minutes, some a few hours, some a few days, and some even for a few weeks!

In Uganda, he met Innocent Tumuheki, a young man who had a dream to start a school for orphans and other needy children in his area. Jamie had no idea if Innocent was truly ready to take action so he gave him a checklist of things to do to start and asked Innocent to contact him when he had completed the list. Not long after, Jamie heard back from Innocent … he gave him another list, started to help connect him the funds he would need, and soon enough, Good Hope School was built and began operating. 

Today, the school serves 136 children in a poor rural district of SW Uganda, 56 of those children are orphans who live at the school.

It takes just $330 per year to feed, house, and educate a child who would otherwise be unable to get this education or might even be out on the street. Think of all the things that you and I spend $330 on, that we often take for granted.  Now imagine that turning into a warm bed, healthy meals, and caring teachers for a child who otherwise has nothing. I’d love to see a wave of support for Innocent and his school from our Cutco/Vector community. 

In July 2022, the school took in 30 new children from a nearby orphanage that was no longer able to support them. The school had budgeted and prepared for who they had there, but not for this influx, and at this point, the need has become critical. There are about 25 children waiting to be sponsored, and I want to invite you to join me in helping to support this cause.  Give $330 TODAY to help sponsor a child who truly needs it. 


You can visit this GoFundMe page to make a donation … this has been fully vetted by CLSK Host Dan Casetta, so you can be sure that all the money is going to Innocent Tumuheki and the Good Hope School in Uganda. Please also contact Dan Casetta directly if you are inspired to be an ongoing supporter of a child at the school. 

This doesn’t have to be an either/or situation, by the way … AWI or GHS … FRF or GHS.  When the amounts are relatively small, I think we can and should donate to all the causes that resonate with us. In the end, you won’t miss a few hundred dollars here or there, or even a few thousand. 

The last cause we want to mention can be supported with your dollars or with your time. About 6 years ago, Dan Casetta was introduced to an organization called Reading Partners, which helps children in about 12 metros throughout the US develop their reading skills through a 1-on-1 tutoring method. He’s been serving on the Board of their Silicon Valley chapter, and he helps run an annual promotional event for the organization. 

In most underprivileged parts of the US, about 70% of children are not reading at Grade level in their K-3 years. If a child cannot read properly by about 4th grade, the chances of them EVER getting there are slim. 

We must be able to help all children get up to par with their reading by 3rd grade, and that’s the focus at Reading Partners. Through 1-1 tutoring, either in-person or conducted virtually, they provide mentorship and support for children who need this key life skill in order to unlock their potential. 

You can support Reading Partners in one of two ways …

• You can donate – visit ReadingPartners.org or contact Dan and give to the event he is running on March 30th, 2023.

• You can tutor – in person if you’re in one of the places RP serves (California, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland, New York), or online … 1 hour per week!  There’s a “Volunteer” link at ReadingPartners.org or if you are in the Bay Area (or outside any area served by RP in person), send an email to volunteerSV@ReadingPartners.org, and we can connect you with a virtual tutoring opportunity. 

There’s a line from the start of a song by Janet Jackson, where she says “We are in race between education and catastrophe.” We firmly believe that education is THE #1 ANSWER to our societal problems, and so anything we can do that improves education for children, at home or around the world, is critical to our long-term fulfillment as human beings.

This is why we encourage you to join us in supporting groups like Good Hope School and Reading Partners. 

There are so many great philanthropists in the Cutco/Vector community …

• Angie Macdougall – started Front Row Foundation Canada

• Eric Gillman – rode his bike from Miami to San Diego to raise money for AWI … check out EP #320

• Mike Abramowitz – started PB&J for Tampa Bay, which has grown to become PB&J for USA … check out EP #71 – You Get More By Giving. 

• Nadine McGowan – started Purposeful Living Inc. to help women in Indianapolis … check out EP #116

• Jamie Freedlund – started Mattea’s Joy to help parents whose children are dealing with life-threatening illnesses … check out EP #233

• Eric Salzwedel – started Do Good Wisconsin … check out EP 197 – Intentional Generosity. 

Of course, listen to EP #54 to hear more about Jamie Bianchini and his epic journey around the world … this is a guy who is finding new ways of giving back at even bigger levels! Here’s his short Flashback Friday Episode #309 to whet your appetite. 

We want to encourage you to join this list of amazing, heart-centered leaders who are generously sharing their resources with others. Choose the causes that resonate with you. And when new ones pop up in your life, give what you can in the moment. 

Let’s all strive to make a difference through our own spirit of generosity.

Giving back is the best way to build your own legacy in the world.


To get access to all episodes and free resources, visit our podcast page!


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