Steve Heroux is a leading authority on selling in today’s marketplace. As the Founder & CEO of Victory Selling, Steve teaches insights through sales coaching and keynote speaking. He’s the author of a new book, “Sales Is Not A Dirty Word,” and he is the pioneer of the “Sales DNA Test.” Steve has been a champion salesperson in multiple industries, including being Cutco’s #1 All-American during college, and topping a field of 50,000 sales representatives with AFLAC. He preaches concepts like conviction, honesty, and working on one’s craft, and he shares his insights in this informative conversation.


• We open by discussing the current world pandemic, and how top achievers can view and adapt to the situation.

• Steve shares some of his experiences and lessons from his time with Cutco/Vector.

• He offers fundamental guidance about sales and selling, especially his view on “closing.”

This is a value-packed episode with great insights for anyone in sales or any position of leadership and influence.


You can visit Steve at Victory Selling.

Buy Steve’s book, Sales Is Not A Dirty Word, here.

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