Shayla Wey is one of the fastest-rising stars in the Cutco/Vector sales organization. A 14-year veteran with the company’s Canadian arm, Shayla is now the Division Coordinator for the Canadian Rockies Division, spanning from Calgary AB across to Vancouver BC. Her office has been #1 in North America in recruiting for the past 2 years, and she is also now one of the company’s top developers of new managers. She has achieved this success while being married for the past 10 years and having 2 young children. Shayla is a Mom first, and Boss second, and she balances both roles with a level of excellence that can inspire anyone.


Q: How did you get started with Cutco and Vector?

  • I started in May of 2006 while working two other jobs and studying business. I sold $7,000 in my first summer and at Conference of Champions I was invited to Leadership Academy, where I continued my leadership training in the fall.

Q: What were some of the early experiences you had over your first couple of years?

  • The culture here in the office was people always working to be better. Angie, the leader of the office, was super inspiring. I loved being challenged and was outside my comfort zone a lot of the times which helped me grow.
  • I kept sticking around because of the people and the opportunity just got better.

Q: Tell us a little about the experience of being promoted to Pilot Office Manager working with Angie Macdougall.

  • If I’m in a place where I’m having fun, I’m growing, I’m making money, and I’m traveling I know I’m in the right place. When Angie approached me with the Pilot role I decided to accept.

Q: What was it like working with such an amazing and powerful leader, such as Angie?

  • We were such a good team together. We worked hard, thought big, and challenged each other. She encouraged me to think bigger and vice versa. Having the opportunity to grow a business with her was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had to this day.

Q: Tell us about the path from working with Angie in the Pilot Manager role to becoming the National Sales Promotion Manager in Canada.

  • After I had my son, Carter, I did the mom thing for about six weeks and then started thinking about what next, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to being a Pilot Manager. At the time, there was an opening for the Sales Promotion Manager for Canada and thought it could be really fun. I always enjoyed event planning.

Q: What inspired the shift from the SPM role back into the field to run a District Office in Calgary in 2017?

  • I loved the role of being SPM because it was challenging, but after having our second child Brooklyn, I was ready for something new. At first I didn’t think I was going to continue working with Vector, but Angie gave me the option of being a District Manager. Even though I was looking for something else to do, the idea of District Manager kept coming back to me and decided to just give it a shot.

Q: What do you feel like have been some of the challenges you have faced as a District Manager and now Division Coordinator?

  • I had doubt that I would succeed because I was a mom of two and I was older, but these challenges became my greatest strengths. I love being a Vector mom to these young adults and I love being older because I feel it gives me more life experience.
  • Looking back over the 2-3 years, it’s crazy to see the amount of people I’ve got to influence in such a short time.
  • Also, not letting the amount of money in my bank account define my worth. I used to feel that my success was determined by the amount on my paycheck, but I quickly changed that thinking. I realized that by doing the business the right way, the money will follow it.

Q: What is your philosophy on balancing work and family and what is your advice for people who want to do the same?

  • Finding my why was a really big one for me. Be clear on what you want and why you want it and then make sure that the people around you are on board.
  • Plan everything. I have a planner that’s 18 months ahead for both personal and office. For my personal life, I plan everything from celebrations to vacations. For my office, I have all the Vector events and travel. Once you have everything put it, then it’s just a matter of adding anything else that’s important, such as workouts and family time.
  • My planner is a reflection of my life.

Q: What are some of your keys to developing a large organization?

  • When I switched to being District Manager, I only had five people on my team, but I shared with them my vision and completely supported them. Then I designated minor responsibilities for them that I wanted done. I also created a position, Executive Assistant, so I could have someone I could delegate certain tasks to and partner with.

Q: How have you taken your Assistant Managers and graduate them to running their own offices?

  • We’ve created a culture where people are learning, they’re hungry for growth, and they’re dreams are being checked off. They’re in a place where they don’t want to leave.
  • Also planting those seeds by asking them, “what do you think about being a Branch Manager one day?” Or saying, “man, I can’t wait till you’re a District Manager.” You also don’t want to be pushing them in one direction so far that they’re scared.

Q: Tell us a bit about your Mom-Boss brand and what that means to you.

  • I didn’t want me be known as just a mom and just a boss. I wanted to be a really good mom AND a great leader, so how could I do both? I thought about the boss-mom, but I didn’t want to follow that. I’m a mom first, boss leader second.
  • I really just want to help people become that five start recruit and go after their dreams.

Q: How has your definition of success changed or evolved over the years?

  • I used to believe that more money meant more stuff, but my definition of success has now become how I can find a way to incorporate everything that’s important to me while enjoying the journey.
  • It’s not when I hit my goal I’ll be successful. It’s I’m successful now because I’m doing all the things I want to be doing every day and I’m enjoying the journey as I go through it.

Q: How do you aspire to change people’s lives through your work and your influence?

  • I want to be the person that gets to believe in all the people that haven’t someone believe in them. To coach people to live their best life, helping them to find their success, and just going after their dreams.


  • It’s a positive thing to be outside your comfort zone because it’s forcing growth and providing opportunities to become the kind of person capable of doing more in your life.
  • What are you looking for in whatever opportunity you’re taking on? Are you looking for things you can’t do or the reasons you can?
  • The importance of planning and being intentional with your time. Doing the things that support your vision and your pay scale.
  • Become clear on what success means to you. Are you doing the things you want to do and are you enjoying the process?
  • Be the person that gets to believe in others.


  • Conference of Champions – A celebratory event, usually in Las Vegas, held at the end of the Summer Campaign. Representatives qualify to attend this high-level event by hitting at least $10k in career sales.
  • Leadership Academy – Representatives who show drive, initiative, ambition, and a desire to learn are personally invited to become part of our Leadership Academy. This consists of attending additional functions centered around Vector management topics, but also personal development, money management, and skills for life.
  • Pilot Office Manager/Pilot Manager – Also referred to as Division Office Manager, is responsible for helping the Division Manager run the pilot office, a leading office for a group of territories.


Show Notes for this episode provided by Darien Romero.

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