Dan Casetta is the host of the Changing Lives Selling Knives podcast. A self-proclaimed political centrist, Dan feels that being human is more important than being a Democrat or Republican. At this time of great polarization in our society, Dan offers a prescription for healing the divide. He shares 3 key concepts to open minds and hearts with the objectives of having civil discourse, pursuing truth, and co-existing respectfully with others whose beliefs differ from our own.


The 2020 Election is over. Once results are finalized, some people will be ecstatic, some will be pissed off, some won’t really care.

The voters have spoken, and it’s time to honor that.

I’m a political centrist, mainly in that I don’t subscribe to some idealogical checklist from either party.

If you think about all the major issues …

• Taxes and economy

• Health care

• What do about COVID

• Abortion rights

• Climate change, and what to do about it

• Racial inequality

• Immigration

• Criminal justice reform

• Gun control

• Foreign relations

• Trade

… It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to agree with someone across the board. In what universe is there such a clean dichotomy across the board?

What I really want to say in this episode is that you CAN disagree with others and still co-exist.

Being AMERICAN is way more important than being Republican or Democrat. Being HUMAN is more important than that!

We have all been damaged by the constant bickering going on between parties.It’s hurting me, and it’s hurting you, it’s hurting EVERYONE.

There are a few paradigms I think are important so that we can all get along and have a more functional society … 3 ideas for today …

1) Embrace the notion that diversity of thought is usually good.

WHO ARE YOU TO KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING? The ARROGANCE with which some people communicate — especially on social media — is appalling.

Here’s a reality to understand —

Your beliefs are a reflection of your environment …

— upbringing

— your social circle

— what you watch or read

— algorithm of the social media that you consume

There’s a lot of criticism of how some historical figures behaved 200 years ago … you know what, if you grew up at that time in those circumstances, you would probably have developed a similar mindset.

But what’s key is that you are not FIXED in your mindset.

This requires that you be OPEN to opposing points of view.That’s the ONLY way to evolve.


It’s important to make a deliberate effort to avoid living in an echo chamber.

Embrace the notion that diversity of thought is usually good.


2) Once you embrace that concept, the second thing is to work on your listening skills.

Stephen Covey — “Listen with the intent to understand.”

Another great idea is … “Be curious before critical.”

When you get curious, you can begin to understand why people think a certain way, and you can learn to be more accepting … shoot, you might evolve over to a different point of view.

Part of listening is also … Ask what other people think instead of assuming you know.

I’ve often had others assume something about me without asking to clarify.One thing I hate is misinformation being spread, so when I see something shared on social media that I know is false, I call it out, regardless of whether it supports one side or the other.

I’ve called out a false meme about Trump, and been called a libtard.

I’ve called out a false meme about Biden, and had some rail on me for being on the Trump train.

What I’m really against is BULLSHIT, and what I’m for is truth, and we only get to find that out by hearing BOTH sides of the story.

Work on your listening skills.


3) My last suggestion for today is to learn HOW to debate ideas.

It’s ok to attack an idea, but not to attack the person.

“Have you ever thought about it this way?” MIGHT actually work to get someone to take a look at the other side.

“You’re a f*****g idiot,” is another approach.  That will work about NEVER.

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg: “Fight for the things that you care about,                             but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

What good does it do to put out messages that insult your opposition?You’re actually pushing people farther away and making them hold on stronger to their position.

Here’s another key to healthy debate …

— Be more interested in getting to the truth vs simply being right.

Think about that list of issues I rattled off earlier …Taxes & economy, Health care, COVID, Abortion, Climate change, Racial inequality, Criminal justice reform, Gun control, Immigration, Foreign relations, Trade …

Is there any area in which your position has changed in the last 10-20-30 years?

If the answer is no, you’re probably fixed in an echo chamber of your own choosing.

If the answer is yes, then realize that you MIGHT STILL evolve in the NEXT 10-20-30 years.But only if you stop holding onto being right, and instead pursue WHAT’s RIGHT, pursue TRUTH.

No matter what you believe, I have to live in a world with you, and you with me. We have to live with our neighbors, and I honestly don’t care whether they voted for Biden or Trump.They’re all on my team … the human team.

• Value diversity of thought for what it can make of you.

• Be willing to listen and truly attempt to understand others.

• And debate with civility, sometimes passionately,and even sometimes loud, but always with respect.

And when we disagree, let’s do so agreeably on almost any issue.

There are very few deal-breakers for me, and even when those arise, I can co-exist peacefully.

Let’s remember all of this as we heal from the division caused by this election season.



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