Angie Macdougall is the National Sales Manager for Cutco/Vector in Canada. As one of the company’s most consistently excellent achievers, she reached Hall of Fame status, while balancing the challenge of having two children. She is also an accomplished triathlete, having completed events of the Ironman distance. Throughout her life and career, Angie has faced numerous defining moments, and the decisions she has made in those moments have built into the amazing all-around success that she has enjoyed. Through hearing stories and lessons from this powerful role-model, you can also find the inspiration and courage to make decisions that can alter your life for the better.


Q: How did you get started working with Cutco 25 years ago?

  • Worked construction when friend suggested she worked at Cutco for the experience


Q: What were some challenges you experienced early on?

  • Learning how to trust in the Law of Averages
  • Figuring out getting to and from appointments and learning how to navigate the city


Q: As one of the most consistent and prolific managers in Cutco/ Vector, what have been some of the most transformative experiences along your journey?

  • Making the choice after graduating university to open a District office rather than going into a career in energy; the path most of her fellow classmates were on.
    • “What if I [got a “normal” job and] look back and thought, ‘man, I could have been great!’?”
    • I had to know if being a District Manager was something I could be great at.
  • Another decision Angie made was going “All In” after her first year due to dealing with some significant challenges.
  • The last transformative decision was to run a successful District office while also being a mom- something no other woman had role-modeled up to that point.
    • Angie paved a path for future female executives in Cutco/ Vector by having a family and running a successful team.
    • Learning how to manage time became a new challenge but that forced Angie to develop more and more leaders in her office.
    • Angie created a culture of high standards in her office’s leadership team.
    • Having a family created urgency to develop systems, to save money, and to develop other people.


Q: One of your hobbies is racing in Ironman competitions, how did you get into that and what are some lessons you’ve learned along the way?

  • We become the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with.
  • “The minute you commit to the decision is the second your life will never be the same.” Jon Vroman. What you focus on expands.
  • I needed to take the advice I give to everyone I work with: set a goal, get a coach, get a plan, have a “why”, and follow through. We only grow when we’re challenged.
  • I’ve learned to focus on what I can control in the moment. Be in the moment. Not that past and not the future. The here and now. What actions can I take?
  • It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. The head game is more important than the physical.
  • Being nervous can be a really good thing; it might even mean you’re in the right spot.
  • The journey is more rewarding that the race itself.
  • Age is just a number.


Q: Who is most inspiring to you right now?

  • Professionally: Joe Cardillo- he always sees the best in people.
  • My kids inspire me to want to be the version I can be for them


Q: As you look ahead, what are some ways you hope to inspire people?

  • I’m creating an environment where people can learn, grow, and dream.
  • I want people to learn how to sell themselves and sell ideas, especially face-to-face.
  • Communicate, teamwork, business, finances, manage energy and emotion, take responsibility, health, and an exciting life in and out of work, gain experience and value giving back to the community they live in.
  • “Hope brings power to the present moment.” – Jon Vroman


Cutco/ Vector terms explained:

– President’s Banquet- a reward trip for District Managers and up to experience the best Las Vegas has to offer.


Show Notes provided by Carlo Cipollina.

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