Veronica Sommer was the #1 sales rep in the Cutco/Vector Marketing organization during one year of her Hall of Fame career with the company. She later spent 20+ years in the recruiting industry, including starting and operating her own successful company for 16 of those years. Recently, Veronica founded her own coaching business, The Kindness Solution, with the mission to help people create vibrant health, deep fulfillment, and happy relationships. She also actively supports Children’s Voice International, a non-profit that is striving to end the perpetual cycle of human trafficking by supporting the educational and personal success of its child victims. Veronica Sommer has a vision for a better world and is doing her part to help make that a reality.

What we talk about:

We talk about her visions, and things anyone can do to make a difference, as well as her path in and after Cutco/Vector and many of her success factors.I know you will enjoy this inspiring conversation with a great champion in business and in life.

You can find Veronica by visiting: http://www.thekindnesssolution.com

You can support Children’s Voice International here.

Veronica’s book recommendations:

Comfortable With Uncertainty

Conscious Uncoupling


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