Ryan Trembler is the Northern New England Division Manager for Cutco/Vector Marketing. As is the case for most people, his career has passed through several distinct stages as he has advanced with the company and evolved as a leader. Ryan has learned the habits and mindsets necessary to continue to progress as responsibilities increase and challenges get larger. Through it all, he has become one of the top producing managers in the history of the company, and a member of the Cutco/Vector Hall of Fame. He shares some extremely relatable stories and lessons in this genuine and insightful conversation.

In this conversation, we talk about:

• Ryan’s early days as a sales rep, and a moment of truth he experienced with the legendary John Kane

• How Ryan progressed a new manager, and quickly advanced into the role of Division Manager

• The common keys that have helped Ryan evolve through all of the various stages of his career

• The importance of being around people who bring you energy

• Ryan’s take on leadership, and what success looks like for him

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