Tim Nikolaev was a successful Cutco sales rep turned prolific real estate investor. Focusing primarily on mobile home parks, Tim and his wife have managed to accumulate over 500 rentals in about 10 years, enabling them to essentially retire from the traditional workplace. Tim now teaches three classes in the MBA Program at the exclusive Acton School of Business, where he was recently named Teacher of the Year. You can’t have a conversation with Tim that isn’t thought-provoking and inspiring, and this conversation is a perfect example. Get ready to have your mind stretched, your limitations exploded, and the path to your own genius unlocked.

In this conversation, we talk about:

• Tim’s interesting personal background, and how he moved from Moscow, Russia to Topeka, Kansas

• Two key beliefs instilled in Tim by his mother, which have served him to this day

• Experiences and lessons from Tim’s years selling Cutco

• How Tim has connected with and learned from elite achievers, both in and out of the Cutco/Vector organization

• Insights and ideas for successful real estate investing

• Tim’s role with the Acton School of Business, teaching through the Socratic method

• Some deep philosophical questions, and maybe even a few answers 🙂

• Tim’s concept of finding and spending time in your “Genius Zone”


To learn more about Acton School of Business, visit here.

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