Mike Lonzetta is a Hall of Fame Cutco sales rep who has evolved into an inspirational coach and speaker. Mike’s coaching impact started in Vector’s Gulf Coast Division, and has expanded nationally, where he has impacted a large number successful managers and become known as the “DOC” or District Office Coach. Mike has studied coaching concepts under such luminaries as Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard, and he speaks from a depth of experience and wisdom. In this conversation, Mike explains how we create patterns of focus, meaning, and behavior that set the path for our lives. His insights are particularly relevant as we all face unprecedented challenges and uncertainty right now.

Mike shares many relevant concepts, including:

• The potential hidden inside all of us

• How what we focus on is what we experience as our reality

• Questions we can ask to shift our focus

• Cause vs. Effect

• Faith vs. Fear

• Excitement vs. Anxiety

• Assigning meaning to things that happen in our lives

• Developing better habits and behavior

• Several memorable stories or analogies

This is a value-rich conversation that will be well worth your time to listen.  

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