Michael Ambrosino is a well-known student of life. As a Cutco rep, he rose to the top of the charts among the company’s college-student sales force as the #1 All-American, and also experienced success in various management and leadership roles. After relocating from New York City to Silicon Valley, Michael spent several years as Director of Community Growth with the Abundant coaching organization, where he continued to develop his skills and his mindset while helping many others do the same. Now, Michael is Co-Founder of The Profile Firm, which specializes in finding top talent for Seed through Series D funded Tech companies. Michael’s varied experiences have nurtured in him a very well-rounded set of skills and a refined mindset, and he shares some compelling ideas in this conversation.

In this conversation, we talk about:

• Michael’s start and early experiences with Cutco, and the impact of his original manager, Asim Hafeez

• His transformational experience in striving to break a National sales record

• His advancement path with Vector during college

• His big move to Silicon Valley, and what he thinks it takes to succeed in a hyper-competitive marketplace

• His learning experiences working with Ben Schemper and the Abundant coaching organization.

• What Michael is doing now with The Profile Firm, and how he hopes to impact others in the future


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