Changing Lives Selling Knives is a podcast about all the inspiring stories of people who learned the basics of sales, leadership, and business through working with Cutco, and are now using their skills and their influence to change the world for the better. We are proud to have reached our milestone one-hundredth episode! In this episode, the guest is our host himself, Dan Casetta, being interviewed by Jon Berghoff, who Dan counts as being a long-time colleague, friend, mentee, and mentor, all rolled into one.

Here’s what you’ll hear in this conversation:

• Some of Dan’s thoughts on the current times we are experiencing

• A little on Dan’s personal background, some stuff you might not know about him

• How Dan started with Cutco/Vector, and some early experiences

• Some of the stages of Dan’s career, and lessons along the way

• A couple of Dan’s core philosophies in life

• Why the “Changing Lives” theme is meaningful to Dan


I’d be honored and grateful if you took some of your valuable time to listen to my story, experiences, lessons, and philosophies, and I would really appreciate receiving your feedback here.  Thanks for supporting the podcast through these first 100 episodes!

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