Brian Stephenson is Division Manager for both the Southern Tide and Southeast Coast Divisions for Cutco/Vector Marketing, headquartered in Birmingham, AL. After a period of uncertainty in his career, Brian truly leveraged the impact of the leaders in his life to establish a compelling vision for himself and for his team. By enrolling many others in this vision, Brian has been able to become one of the most prolific developers of talent in the company today, responsible for over $XX million in sales, and a member of the Cutco/Vector Hall of Fame. He has developed a talented, strong, and committed inner circle, with his wife Elizabeth — herself a Hall of Fame achiever — at the center of it all. Together, Brian and Elizabeth are powerful role models for a new wave of young leaders.

In this conversation, we talk about:

• Brian’s start and early experiences with Vector

• 3 moments that changed the course of Brian’s life and career:  a conversation with Mark Bullard, a message from Earl Kelly, and a concept from Loyd Reagan

• Brian’s advice on overcoming uncertainty or challenges in your career

• Some of the ways in which the culture of Brian’s organization has been established

• How Brian has built an amazing inner circle all around him

• The impact of Elizabeth in his life


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