Craig P. Stone has had an illustrious professional career, spanning roles in investment banking, real estate development, leading multiple companies, performance coaching, and even movie and TV production. His business exploits include:

  • Becoming the Managing Director of a major investment banking firm
  • Taking over and turning around a failing business with 122 employees
  • Founding, developing and selling six other start-ups
  • Developing two hi-rise buildings in New York City
  • Producing the award-winning documentary “At The Edge Of The World,” which led to the television series “Whale Wars.”
  • Consulting with Coach Bob Knight for ESPN’s “Knight School”
  • Teaming with Phil Hellmuth to manage and promote a group of the world’s top poker players

Craig has been asked to speak all over the world on a plethora of topics to empower audiences to take action to change their lives and become the best they can be. His tools give people the mental edge to be in the top 1% in their fields.

In this conversation, Craig shares:

• how his experience selling Cutco was a “game-changer” in his life

• a number of insights from his varied and successful career

• his sage view on the opportunities arising right now in our world

• and a whole lot more!


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