Loyd Reagan is the Region Manager for Cutco/Vector’s Southwest Region, the #1 Region in the company for the last 9 consecutive years. Throughout his life and career, Loyd has encountered some incredibly difficult challenges, and he has always risen up to conquer them and win. He’s a winner in business, one of the greatest champions the Cutco world has ever seen. He’s also a winner in life, with a beautiful family — including his wife Tammy and 5 children — and an amazing lifestyle. Put simply, Loyd Reagan is one of the most respected individuals anywhere, and his story can inspire anyone to triumph over any challenge as they build a great career.


Q: How did you get started working with Cutco?

  • My father was a very successful business owner that lost everything overnight at the time I was getting ready to go to college.
  • Loyd’s aunt sat through a Cutco presentation and suggested Loyd get a job with Cutco to pay for school and his car payment.

Q: When did you decide this was something you wanted to stick with long term?

  • My experience with Vector/ Cutco opened up a lot of doors for me once I was done with college but I was making more money, having more fun, and learning more from my time with Cutco than I was being offered.
  • My dad told me that Cutco/ Vector’s program was so good that I should stick with it, if nothing else, to learn everything I can so I can duplicate it for my own business down the road.
  • My dad told me, “if you ever take an hourly job, you will work for a paycheck for the rest of your life. If you build your own business, you’ll never go to work for the rest of your life.”
  • Eventually it became more about making a difference than climbing to the top and I got around new role models who were making the difference I wanted to make in others.

Q: Who were some of your initial role models?

  • My first District Manager, Mark Karuza, was one of my first role models who made the biggest difference.

Q: In the early part of your career you became a single dad. Can you share that part of your story?

  • In my first year as a District Manager while I was still trying to learn the business and I had just had my first taste of success when I found out I was going to be a dad and that I was going to have to learn how to thrive as a single parent and business owner.
  • We also found out that there were some complications with the pregnancy and the doctors were telling us that there was a very high chance our baby might not survive the birthing process and if she did, she wouldn’t have a very good quality of life.
  • Fortunately my daughter, Addison, was born and miraculously survived the birth and the necessary surgery to repair the problem.
  • I was running an office while being a single dad to a baby who needed a lot of care and I just had to figure it out.
  • Although I received a lot of criticism from my family and friends, I received nothing but love and support from my Cutco/ Vector family.
  • I learned to manage my time and solve problems and my staff really stepped up.

Q: You touched on the importance of time management as a single dad running a business. What did you find?

  • You have to figure out what matters most.
  • You have to learn to build and develop other people.
  • My dad always told me that if you’re the only one running a business than you don’t have a very big business.

Q: What are some of the elements of culture that you’re trying to build in the Southwest Region?

  • We have high expectations of ourselves and of our people.
  • We can accomplish so much more than we think we can.
  • There’s a badge of honor for taking responsibility, working hard, giving your best, not giving up when it gets tough, and not giving up on your people.
  • “If you can do better, you should.” -Jim Rohn

Q: As you look ahead over the next 5 to 10 years, what’s exciting to you?

  • I love what we do that I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Cutco/ Vector Terms:

  • Branch Manager: a Cutco/ Vector manager who runs an office for the summer months. Usually this role is for students.
  • District Manager: a Cutco/ Vector manager who runs an office full time, year-round.


Show Notes provided by Carlo Cipollina.

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