Adam Rupp is a founding member of the popular vocal band, Home Free. The band’s big break came in 2013 when they were invited to perform in the reality TV competition called “The Sing-Off.” They were prepared for this opportunity, and they won first place, garnering international recognition and a Sony recording contract. Their success has exploded in recent years, as they have headlined around the world and released six successful albums since 2014. Adam has been the singular mainstay in the band from its inception until today.


At 4:47, Adam talks about how he got into beat-boxing.

At 6:55, he talks about the beginnings of the band.

At 9:32, Adam offers a short rendition of his AMAZING beat-boxing!

At 13:11, Adam speaks briefly about his experience selling Cutco in Minnesota.

At 17:13, Adam details the band’s incredible experience on The Sing-Off.

From 23:43, the rest of the conversation is about Home Free’s challenges, successes, and other experiences.

Dan (host) and Brad (Home Free super-fan) have some final comments after Adam leaves at 37:00.

At 39:28, the episode concludes with one of Home Free’s newest songs, “Catch Me If You Can.”


Check out Home Free’s latest album, Dive Bar Saints!


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