There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are positively impacting the world through lessons they first learned from a unique sales job with Cutco Cutlery and Vector Marketing.  This podcast features stories and lessons from Cutco/Vector’s leaders and alumni, along with occasional very special guests. 

Vector recruits tens of thousands of people every year for the opportunity to sell Cutco, the vast majority of these being college students.  For those who stick with the company for at least a Summer, the experience can be truly transformational. The list of skills to be gained includes:

  • Communication and influence
  • Goal-setting and planning
  • Time-management and self-discipline
  • Overcoming adversity and mental toughness
  • Developing emotional intelligence


This podcast is hosted by Dan Casetta, a 30+ year veteran of the Cutco/Vector business, who himself is an accomplished speaker and author.  It will feature inspiring stories from some of the company’s top leaders and most prominent alumni. On this show, you’ll meet people like:

  • Hal Elrod, one of the leading self-help authors and speakers in America
  • Andrew Bosworth, one of the top execs at Facebook, a guy who has changed lives by literally inventing Newsfeed.
  • Jennifer Gluckow, one of the foremost sales trainers in the US
  • Adam Stock, a financial advisor who is impacting large numbers of entrepreneurs and young leaders through financial education & coaching.
  • Lauren Gibbs, a USA Olympic Silver Medalist in the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.
  • Jon Berghoff, Dan’s own best-known protege in Cutco, who is now pioneering a new and better way of teaching leadership and influence throughout the world.
  • Benjamin Hardy, one of the world’s top writers over the past 5 years.
  • John Ruhlin, the #1 all-time Cutco sales rep, now founder and CEO of the largest business gifting company in North America.
  • Current Cutco/Vector leaders who are heading up large organizations all across North America.


In this episode, Dan shares and expounds upon 3 of his favorite lessons from his experience with the company, including:

  1. The Power of A Positive Focus
  2. A Better Perspective on Challenges
  3. We Get What We Earn.

Special thanks go out to the Stitt family of Olean, New York, who purchased the company from ALCOA in the 1980s and have helped build it into what it is today.  Thanks to their leadership, Cutco/Vector is an organization that puts people first.

Dan ends this episode with a dynamic challenge to his listeners.  Be sure to give it a listen!



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  • Great stuff Dan. Can’t wait to dive in to the rest of it. I miss getting inspired by you and others at Vector.

  • Yana Kiziryan
    May 17, 2019 6:03 pm

    Great podcast! Looking forward to hearing more.

  • Great kick off Dan!!

  • Very motivational podcast, I am a stay at home mom who eventually wants to own my own business, this seems like the perfect place to learn the skills to do so

  • Austin Harlow
    June 8, 2021 7:39 am

    Loved the podcast. Bring such good vibes, good energy and motivation to those struggling or just beginning! A great thing to listen to if you need a reminder of how great you really can be.


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