George Floyd was an African-American man who died in police custody. This event, more than any in recent memory, is bringing people of all races together to express their outrage. It appears that this time, there’s actually a chance for change. This was too important a situation to let pass by, so we wanted to address it on this podcast, through the eyes of several prominent African-American leaders in the Cutco/Vector community. Buddy Boyd and Greg Cothran are the highest-ranking African-American leaders in the company, both Division Managers. Kenny Coleman is a key proponent of diversity & inclusion and an expert at bringing people together. This is an informative and encouraging conversation about George Floyd, race relations, and the reasons for hope in the future.

Q&A with Buddy, Greg, & Kenny

We first discuss Greg’s, Buddy’s, and Kenny’s initial thoughts as this situation unfolded.

Then we get into each of these guy’s experiences growing up black.

They detail some of the things that people of color experience that others might not be able to relate to.

In the middle, each guest offers ideas on what they wished others in the world knew or believed or did.

Ultimately, we bring it around to Vector/Cutco, and discuss what the company can do to be a place where people of all sorts are welcomed and encouraged.

Last, each guest shares his reasons for hope in the future.



To learn more and get access to all episodes, visit our podcast page!

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