Did you know that the Cutco/Vector sales organization reaches and impacts more college students than any other company in the US and Canada? At least 1 of every 200 students will be recruited and trained to sell Cutco. These lucky students learn a whole lot more than just how to sell a product. They learn how to connect with others, how to influence, they develop initiative, they learn how to set goals, manage their time, deal with adversity, manage their emotions, and establish strong financial habits.

Some of these students get fundamental training, then decide it’s not for them. Others stick around for a Summer and gain a real taste of all the above skills. Many continue to work with the company throughout their college years, and even beyond. For those who stick with “Cutco Thru College,” the program fills the gap between what is taught through formal education and what is needed in order to be a top achiever in today’s competitive marketplace.

For over 2 decades, Jeff Gamboa has been developing students into “5-star graduates.” In this conversation, he shares his own path of Cutco Thru College, why he’s so passionate about this program, and many of the tangible benefits that Cutco/Vector provides for so many students each year.



Jeff’s path through college with Cutco:

• Started in 1997

• Student at University of Maryland

• Worked under Fred Glaeser

• #1 College All-American

• Branch Manager in 1999


Upon graduating from college, Jeff went on 15 job interviews.

• Only 3-5 asked about his GPA and/or Major.

• All 15 asked him about his Cutco experience.

• Jeff ultimately chose to stay with Cutco/Vector as a District Manager.


Benefits of Cutco Thru College:

• We fill the gap between what is taught through formal education and what is needed in order to be a top achiever in today’s competitive marketplace.

• THE BIG FIVE — Learning how to manage:

— Time

— Money

— Energy

— Others

— Yourself


Jeff’s observations on Gen Y:

• Talented, ambitious, energetic, vocal …

• But many of the common stereotypes also apply: Lazy, entitled, disrespectful

• The BIG observation is that they just need an avenue that can pull the best out of them!


Other concepts:

• Employers look for people who can take more on their plate.

• Applicable skills are more important than just book knowledge.

• Vector Marketing is the hotbed of talent for future leadership opportunities.

• Working Cutco Thru College turns a student into a “5-star graduate” … someone that employers will WANT to have on their team.


If you are a current Cutco/Vector rep, ask your Division Manager about how you can participate in The Leadership Academy!


To learn more and get access to all episodes, visit our podcast page!

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