Brandon Brown has become legendary in the Cutco/Vector Marketing sales organization by repeatedly finding ways to push through limitations and achieve the impossible. He was the first to ever sell over $100K in a company “Push Period” sales contest, and he now holds the company record with $105,235 in sales in just over 2 weeks. Brandon understands the thought processes, preparation, and action steps to achieve at the highest levels in life. In this conversation, we use the example of a “Push Period” as a training ground for breaking through limitations and achieving success in any goal that you set.

In this conversation, we talk about:

• Why it’s important to push yourself through limitations

• How you can see beyond the reality of the current moment

• The process Brandon went through leading up to his historic first 100K Push Period

• The dialogue he has with himself as he works through the process of a Push Period

• His advice for Cutco reps about to tackle their biggest Summer Push

• His suggestions for how anyone in or out of Cutco can implement the concepts that he shares to push through limitations in their life.


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  • Caryn Brown-Franklin
    July 14, 2020 5:08 pm

    So much insight! So much to contemplate! Enjoyed this podcast. If one learns from his “failure”, he really has not failed.


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