David Powders, Kenzie Rigney, and Vince Reyes are all important leaders in the Western Region of Vector Marketing / Cutco and are superfans of the Changing Lives podcast.  This episode is a retrospective look back on the episodes of 2019, spotlighting some of the best episodes and key ideas that were mentioned throughout the year.  We hope this helps you to reinforce the most important concepts that have been brought forth by the guests of this podcast.


Q: What were your 3 favorite episodes of the podcast?
What lesson stood out from each of those episodes?

Hiro Rodriguez, Michael Coscetta, Andrew Bosworth

  • From Hiro: When a genuine good person puts him/herself in a place of opportunity, they have a great chance to succeed.
  • From Michael: The foundation of skill-sets from Cutco have provided him the opportunity for major success in sales leadership.
  • From Andrew: Your attitude will always determine your outcomes.
    • The direct 1-1 correlation between attitude and outcomes.
      Andrew optimized his career for the steep learning curve.
    • Theme of these 3: All 3 of these leaders have leveraged the early skills they learned from Cutco into prolific career advancement.

Hal Elrod, J. Brad Britton, Kate Vasey

  • From Hal: The universe tests you to see how committed you are.
    When we’re committed, there’s always a way to achieve what we want.
    Achieving a goal is less important than how much you improve yourself in the process of striving.
  • From Brad: Doing right by people …
    Always make decisions that are in the best interest of your people.
    Brad’s 4 core philosophies: Connection, Execution, Simplicity, Gratitude
    Brad is a powerful example of personal integrity.
  • From Kate: Stories of overcoming extremely difficult experiences
    Leading through authenticity, connecting through vulnerability.
    Many of the “heroes” in our lives have most of the same challenges and adversity that we all have.

Earl Kelly, Lauren Gibbs, Mike Lancellot

  • From Earl: View the skills you need to develop like a sport.
    It takes practice to master your craft. You’re in control of your skills.
  • From Lauren: The dramatic, emotional story of her trying out for the 2018 USA Olympic Team. Hearing her challenges was a reminder to celebrate struggle.
  • From Mike: Anger is one letter away from danger.
    The 2 more powerful forces in business are momentum, and a lack of momentum.

Lauren Gibbs, John Israel, Isaac Tolpin

  • John Israel’s episode got me thinking about the kind of person I want to become and how I want to be received by others.
  • The concepts and ideas that Isaac shared can be implemented by ANY business leader, whether in or out of Vector.

Q: What are some important common themes you have noticed throughout many of the episodes of the podcast?


  • Constant personal growth focus —Jon Berghoff, Isaac Tolpin, Evan Keller
    “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.”
  • Loving on your people — Kate Vasey, Drew Frank
    It’s impossible to get to high levels as a leader without having deep connections with the people in your organization.

    • Caring about each individual for their own best interest.
    • When you have this mentality, people see and feel it.


  • The value of establishing powerful personal connections
    • Jon Levy episode details the creation of The Influencers Dinners
      Who am I meeting? How can I connect with them?
      How can I add value in their lives?
    • Kenny Coleman episode
      Learning to find common ground with anyone
  •  The desire to make a real impact on others
  • Love for people
    • We all need to fulfill a higher and deeper human need for contribution to others.
    • “If you are successful in your work, but you’re not having a real impact on others, you will feel a mysterious longing.”- Jamie Bianchini episode
  • The importance of reflection
    • John Wasserman APE – Analyze, Plan, Execute


  • Treating people the right way
    • Brad Britton, John Carpenter, Kate Vasey
    • John Israel 2nd episode: story of sales rep who wasn’t achieving much but felt poured into by John and by the Vector team
    • Larry Manley: Seeing people as they could be, but not as they used to be.
    • Jim Stitt, Bruce Goodman
  • Circle of influence
    • Kyle Lopes grew his business in multiple different places
      As soon as he started mentoring with Danny Perez, his business began to skyrocket.
    • Evan Keller developing his business at Marquette
    • Hiro Rodriguez being mentored by Keith Krach
  • Mastering your craft
    • Colton Horn preparing for his second Branch
    • Evan Keller growing his business to constant improvement


  • What people are most excited about in their lives usually centers around their family/kids/etc.

Q: Sometimes there’s a little nugget that comes out of an episode.
What are some of these little nuggets that have resonated with you?


  • Evan Keller — “If you came to my office for one day, you might not be that impressed. But if you came every day for 365 days, you’d gain a real insight into why I’ve been so successful.”
  • Dave — Doing something you love that also adds value to OTHERS.
    • Bret Barrie knew what he was doing in medical device sales would be helping others.
    • Jamie Bianchini traveling the world on his bike provided him with opportunities to GIVE BIG as he was striving to LIVE BIG.
    • Dane Espegard living your dreams and helping other people live their dreams.


  • From Isaac Tolpin — The Tyranny of the OR vs. The Genius of the AND
    Learn to ask yourself how is it possible to do this AND this.


  • The quantum leap you can manifest in your life when you are consistent and stay dedicate — Evan Keller, John Israel
  • Nothing in your life will be growing if you’re not growing.

Q: How have you leveraged the podcast as a resource for your people?


  • CLSK is on a slide at every Team Meeting.
    Conditioning what you listen to is important for making moves in life.

    • Stop listening to music, and instead listen to this podcast.
    • Listening provides a better mindset, better perspective, emotional regulation, etc.
    • Brotha James (Jeremy Reisig). Your input creates your output.
  • This podcast gives people an opportunity to listen to something that’s truly relatable for most people.
  • I also use the podcast as a coaching technique by asking reps to listen to specific episodes and get back to me with their takeaways.
    • Oftentimes, an episode can teach a concept better than Vince can teach it himself.
    • Leverage certain episodes as a 3rd party influence.


  • Relating specific episodes to his people and what they need to hear.
    • Colton Horn for everyone in Leadership Academy.
    • Scott Dennis for anyone considering Vector as a career.

Q: Is there anything else you might want to add to this episode?

Vince — My other favorite episodes that I want to mention:

  • Loyd Reagan — What adversity can create of you.
  • Angie Macdougall — The power of resilience and the example of leadership for women
  • J. Brad Britton — Real wisdom throughout the episode
  • Earl Kelly — So many little nuggets throughout to develop as a leader
  • John Ruhlin — Not just thinking big, but BELIEVING big
  • Adam Stock — Important financial insights
  • Best “sales episodes”: Jennifer Gluckow and Brandon Brown
  • When I think back on my year, this podcast came out at a time when I was looking for more content, and it filled a perfect niche that applied directly to me and my business.
  • Cutco/Vector has enabled so many people to build a legacy.


  • People don’t talk about money enough. It’s so important to learn.
    Adam Stock and Rachel Richards both taught a lot about this.
  • From the Front Row Dads episode,
    • Your calendar reflects your priorities.
    • Audit your calendar to reveal what your priorities really are.
    • It’s important to have a system in place for the things you want to do.
    • If growth is a priority for you, then you should be making sure that there’s time in your schedule allotted for learning.


  • Key Insights
    • Personal growth
    • Mastering your craft
    • Connecting with others
    • How we treat people
    • Contributing impact
  • Every odd-numbered episode of the podcast is a current Cutco leader.
  • Every even-numbered episode is one of Cutco’s illustrious alumni.
  • If you have enjoyed Changing Lives Selling Knives, please take a moment to rate and review the podcast.


Show Notes provided by Carlo Cipollina.

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