Tasha Saran Smith is the Founder & CEO of Emerge Sales Training, a company that provides sales and leadership coaching to network marketing leaders. From scratch, Tasha created a 7-figure revenue coaching business within her first 2 years. Emerge has now helped over 8000 clients grow their businesses, even if they have no sales experience. Tasha worked with Cutco/Vector in sales and management for a few years in the early 2000s. She graduated from UC-San Diego with a degree in Political Science, and has also obtained her MBA. She lives in Corona, CA with her husband, Charlie, a former Vector District Manager, and their 2 daughters.
This episode is guest hosted by J. Brad Britton, whose relationship with Tasha goes back to her early days with the company.


Q: Tell us a little about how you got started selling Cutco with Vector.

  • I went home for summer break between my Junior and Senior year in college, needed a job, and found a flyer that offered a base pay that was more than twice what I was making at my other job, so I came in for my interview.
  • I was immediately excited about the job because my roommate had been with Cutco, and we had Cutco in my house, so I knew the product was pretty awesome.

Q: What were some of the early experiences you had selling Cutco and what were some lessons you learned?

  • I took a rep, who was 0/20 appointments, field training. My customer ended up not buying, but at the next week’s team meeting, this rep was asked to speak because he had gone on to sell over $3,000 on 13 appointments!  He said that field training with me had changed his life.
  • I also learned to stay close to my mentor and leadership.

Q: What were some of the early experiences you had as a Vector Manager, and what were some lessons you learned?

  • When I opened my office in May we got off to a terrible start. I had 20 reps in training, only 1 ended up leaving my office to do the job, and he turned in 1 order and quit but the order didn’t end up processing so we did $0 my first month.
  • But it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
  • I stayed focused and kept doing what I knew I should be doing, and by the 2nd summer conference, we ended up winning the contest when no one was expecting it.

Q: After your time with Cutco you moved on to a corporate job for 10 years before moving on to start your own company.  Tell us a little about your time in your corporate job.

  • I worked as an enrollment manager for University of Phoenix for 11 years but I started to get a little itchy for something more. I made a podcast with the intention of connecting with people like accountants to teach them how to sell.  I was invited to a network marketing meeting and I told the gal that I would go to her event if she listened to my podcast.
  • The gal loved the info in the podcast so much that she asked if she could hire me to coach her. She went from making $50 a month for 2 years to earning $450 the month after she implemented what she learned from working with me.  So her mentor asked if she could hire me.
  • On a leap-of-faith-decision, I quit my job and decided I was going to start my own business coaching people on sales.

Q: What did you do to help fix this gal’s results?

  • Most people in sales do what we call “word vomiting” so what I teach is what I call The 5 Keys to Closing.
    • Set up an appointment
    • Give an agenda — it sets expectations and agreement
    • Gain input – ask questions and listen to the customer
    • Simplify and personalize your presentation
    • Give 2 choices

Q: What are the challenges that you’ve overcome in starting your own company?

  • The business comes in waves; you better learn to surf.
  • I learned how to create business from scratch, and that has been so valuable in starting my business.
  • I learned how to identify my leadership super-power.
  • In order to build on strengths, you have to know what your strengths are and find out what was the best in what was, what is, and what can be.

Q: As you look into the future, how do you aspire to change people’s lives through your work or through your influence?

  • I think that learning how to sell helps you take control of your future, so I want to help people learn how to sell.
  • I’ve started writing my own book but I don’t have a title yet.


Connect with Tasha at:




Instagram: @tashasmith15 @emergesalestraining

email: tasha@emergesalestraining.com


Show Notes provided by Carlo Cipollina.

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