Alicia Anderer is an elite Cutco Sales Professional who is positively impacting sales reps throughout the company. She started in the business as an 18-year old single mom, and has found great support within the company, as well as the flexibility to balance her personal life while consistently growing her business. She has served as Events Coordinator for the Northeast Region for many years, helping to build out a very successful sales team across at least 10 states. She’s now a National Consultant for Cutco’s Events Program, as well as serving a National Cross-Trainer, responsible for helping to train and develop numerous other top sales reps. This episode is guest hosted by Trent Booth, Alicia’s long-time mentor and friend.



Q: Tell us a little about how you got started selling Cutco with Vector.

      • In 2004 I responded to a newspaper ad for the job.

Q: What were some of the early experiences you had selling Cutco and what were some lessons you learned?

      • I started with Cutco when I was 18 and playing soccer as a goalie.
      • Something that was unique about me was that at this time I had a 1 year old, which was unique.
      • I was working another job, going to school and taking care of my son.

Q: How did you navigate being such a young mom while working and going to school?

      • It was hard being a teen mom. I always felt like people were looking at me and judging me out in the world, but I never felt that way in Vector.  I always felt very supported by everyone in my office.  They would let me bring my son in during phone time and team meetings, and I never felt like I got “that look” from anyone at Vector.
      • I was accepted for who I was.
      • My mom was also really helpful with my kids.

Q: So you started in 2004 and now flash forward to today, did you ever see yourself here as a career?

      • I did not think I’d be selling knives 15 years later. When I first stared my goal was to open an office when I hit $150,000 in career sales.  Then I hit it and I thought, “I’ll open an office when I hit $250,000.  And when I hit that I thought, “I kinda like this sales thing.  I think I’ll stick with that.”

Q: And what year was your daughter born?

      • In 2006, so I was 20.

Q: And something happened when giving birth to your daughter.  Tell us about that.

      • Because I had an emergency C-section in my first pregnancy the doctors scheduled a C-section for my 2nd. I was feeling a little uneasy the day of my C-section, but I went through with it anyway. During the surgery I almost died due to congestive heart failure because I had received too many fluids.
      • After I was discharged my doctor told me to come back if I ever felt any pressure in my chest because I was at risk for having other heart issues.
      • That caused me to develop panic attacks because I felt like I was always about to experience another attack and I could die at any moment.

Q: So how does that eventually lead to you running an Ultra Marathon?

      • My good friend, Jon Vroman, was starting the Front Row Foundation and he was looking for more people to run an Ultra Marathon to help raise money for the foundation so I decided to do it.
      • I figured if I could run 50 miles than I was all right and I didn’t need to worry about my health.
      • I didn’t train very well considering my furthest run before the day of the Ultra Marathon was only 9 miles, but I did finish the race and I was able to get rid of my panic attacks.

Q: So what led to you eventually becoming a career Cutco Sales Professional and an Event Coordinator?

      • What really attracted me was the schedule. Having 2 kids, I wanted to be able to be there for them.
      • And being a coordinator, I originally wanted to be in management running an office so being an Event Coordinator has allowed me to work with reps and train and develop people in a similar way as the office managers.

Q: What does Vector hold for events, for women, for you?

      • In all my years with Vector I really feel like it’s never been better. The leadership in the company sees what the sales force is doing and they’re pouring time and resources into programs that help us.
      • I’m also really excited about all the friendships and relationships I have in the company. There are people who I know will be my friends for life.
      • And I think taking on the new role of coaching is really exciting as well.


Show Notes provided by Carlo Cipollina.

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  • I have known Alicia for many years. She is always smiling and treats everyone the same. You may only spend 10.00 to thousands and she always says thank you and means it. She remembers little things about you personally making you feel like a friend and not a customer.


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