Andy Tse is one of the top-producing real estate sales professionals in the entire United States. Working with Intero Real Estate Services, Andy and his team, the Tse Group, produced an astounding $920 million in sales in 2021. Throughout his 20-year career in real estate sales, Andy has been able to experience consistent growth through ongoing learning and disciplined activity. His growth curve was gradual at first, and has steepened into quantum growth over the past few years. Andy shares experiences and insights that can help others experience quantum growth in business and in life.


Q: Let’s take it back to 1995. Let’s talk about your Cutco experience. What stands out in your memory?

  • I remember going in not knowing what the interview was all about. I remember meeting you (Dan Casetta) and being blown away by the presentation. I thought I have to do this. Cutco is amazing.
  • But I was going back to a summer school program. I was hoping I’d be accepted for the job, and I was.
  • The goal for me for that fast start was $1,000 a day and we did it! Right out of the gate with this specific achievement, I was working harder than I thought I could. Waking up super-early, making phone calls, multiple presentations a day!
  • It’s kind of a fun thing to be working that hard and pushing the threshold to what you think is possible, both physically and mentally. Vector/Cutco was definitely a cornerstone in my overall sales career and personal development.
  • The very first book you gave me to read was The Wealthy Barber. That journey of self-help books, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey. All that stuff propelled me to where I’m today. All I do is a Vector presentation every day. Call people, set an appointment, go out and close and sign a contract.

Q: How have these lessons helped you build your real estate business?

  • Our business plan was 3-2-1; 3 hours of prospecting, setting 2 appointments and go to at least 1 appointment every single day.
  • Routine is another thing I learned from Cutco/Vector. That’s something that is very important to what I do now. I wake up early, go to sleep in workout clothes, and hit a phone call with my affirmation partner going over goals. That’s like for 20 years!

Q: I’m curious about your affirmations.

  • I put the need of those who love me most first.
  • I meet and connect with my family every day.
  • I make healthy eating choices every day.
  • I use every minute every day as efficiently as possible.
  • I will learn 2 foreign languages by the end of 2022.
  • I find extremely profitable investments every day.
  • I find ways to help those less fortunate than me every day.
  • I’ve done these affirmations for 20 years almost every day. If you can do the things that are known to be successful, you’ll be successful. When you do that kind of disciplined activity in any industry, good things happen.
  • That mental toughness makes you bulletproof. You take your skillset through the roof.
  • One of the things that’s been most instrumental in my success are people that have believed in me and given me advice. When you like both what you’re doing and the people you’re working with, that makes all the difference.

Q: In 2014, you hit $1 million in gross commissions, with over $40 million in sales. You went from $40 million in sales in 2014 to $400 million in 2019 and then to $560 million during the pandemic year to $900 million this year. That was an incredible leap. Tell us about the quantum leap from $40 million to $900 million.

  • There isn’t any way to quantum leap. You can’t skip steps. If you’re doing the right things for 12 years up to that, that’s where the quantum leap happens not doing anything different.
  • When we talk about the pandemic, that’s different in real estate. We got the biggest infusion of wealth that we could possibly imagine. In March of 2020 when it set in, we went 18 days without selling a house. I’m used to selling 5 a week or nearly 1 a day.
  • We did one thing that was really cool. I was like the first agent in the country to do a virtual open house. Then I started doing professionally-produced video walkthroughs with a voice over. We got better and better at that.
  • The other big pivot we did were appointment visits. I took the rules, figured out how to follow them, but did what I needed to do. I think that’s the true mark of an entrepreneur.

Q: What are some of your success principles?

  • Be super-thankful this business is hard; that’s job security.
  • Make as many mistakes as fast as you can. Just don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • Rip off and duplicate.
  • Always know the value you bring to any negotiation.
  • Improve every aspect of your business and life by 1% every day.
  • Write down, track and report goals and have affirmations.
  • Live on 20% of what you gain.
  • Never give up. As long as you’re doing things that are proven to be successful, never give up.
  • Schedule time with your family and significant other first.
  • Control your morning routine.
  • You have to operate as if 2 crises are happening in your life at all times.

Q: What legacy do you wish to leave? How do you want to change lives by your work?

  • I became a CASA volunteer for kids that are at high risk of neglect or abuse. I got 2 kids I see each week.
  • You need to spend time helping people. If I can impact one person that wasn’t going to get to college, they could turn around get a good job and impact their community. I think I’ll do more good in that window of time than selling every house in the city.

Q: You’ve got any last words for the Cutco audience?

  • You’re in the right place. If you’re in Cutco/Vector, you’re already winning.
  • Listen to your manager/ the next level up, go to events and read the books.
  • The skills you’re learning aren’t just about selling knives, they can translate to any career path you choose.



  • I loved the Cutco lessons Andy shared from his early career.
  • Setting goals, like $1000 every day. He did that 10 days in a row during his fast start.
  • Working super-hard, being able to establish that work ethic and following the program and system. These are all things he applied in real estate.
  • The concept of the slight edge. Getting a little bit better at what you’re doing every single day. Post no zeroes he said when referencing the book Atomic Habits.
  • That process is going to lead you to consistent which ultimately turns into what looks like a quantum leap, but is in reality an accumulation of many years of learning and improvement.
  • Andy also said our main goal in life is helping people. What are the things you’re doing to impact people to change lives as the theme of the podcast? I think that’s a great thing to consider



Show Notes for this episode provided by Brian Njenga.

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