Whether you are already a respected leader in business, just getting started on your quest to achieve professional success, or simply interested in continuing to learn new things in life, IDEAS can be the fuel to take your life to the next level. 

Success Starts Today

with Jack Canfield and Dan Casetta

In this anthology with over 20 different chapters from various authors in a wide array of disciplines, you’ll get lots of unique ideas.

  • The opening chapter from Jack Canfield will inspire you to take steps NOW to move toward your goals, as well as specific things you can do to gain momentum in your life.
  • In a chapter titled “Live Like You Were Dying,” you’ll read about 3 life-altering moments that came out of the author’s most challenging life experience, and how you can use these lessons to live your own life more fully.
  • In a chapter titled “Why Do I Do That?”, you’ll learn about human motivation, and some ways to avoid self-sabotage and develop behavior that is consistent with what you want in life.
  • There are also chapters about sales, leadership, finances, persistence, overcoming obstacles, and more.
  • Dan’s chapter in this book highlights 5 of the key components to establishing a culture of synergy in any work team or group of people.  You’ll learn how to earn trust and build a spirit of cooperation with others, how to build a team that works harder and smarter, how to create a palpable positive energy in any group, and how to continue developing others and yourself.
  • Dan has also created a companion workbook that provides a deeper dive into all these concepts, presents some provocative questions that you can consider, and offers some exercises you can do to move you down the path toward building a powerful dynasty of your own.

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