Hello, I am Dan Casetta

In my professional life, I am a record-setting sales manager, business & life coach, culture-shaping executive, national speaker, and best-selling author.  Personally, I’m a husband, father, trusted friend, philanthropist, and connector of great people all across the country, especially in my home Silicon Valley area.

As a long-time member of the Cutco/Vector Marketing sales organization, I rose the ranks to become the most successful field manager in company history and one of the most influential figures in the company’s growth from $14 million in sales before I started to over $200 million now.  Eventually, the company created a role for me to coach top sales reps, managers, and executives across much of the country.  Now I’m grateful to be running my “native” Western Region, which is producing over $25 million in sales per year.

I’m a regular guest speaker at universities throughout the Bay Area, and have been welcomed into multiple companies to share my insights in areas of sales training, leadership development, and creating a culture of collaboration, growth, and success.  I also host a mastermind group containing some of the most successful CEOs and executives in the Silicon Valley, and I participate in other such gatherings of leaders all across the country.

My passion is in adding value to the world.  I do this through my own consistent personal development, and through sharing the ideas and concepts I learn, both inside my business and through my daily interactions with others.  I sincerely strive to have a positive impact on everyone I meet and leave positive ripples everywhere I go.